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Full day small group tour to Plovdiv and Bachkovo Monastery highlight

Sofia- Plovdiv - Bachkovo Monastery - Sofia
1 days / 0 nights Excursion - bus
Price from 80 €
Full day small group tour to Plovdiv and Bachkovo Monastery highlight
Excursion Schedule

Excursion Schedule

- Tour of the famous Old Town of Plovdiv, a candidate for a UNESCO World Heritage site
- Visit the best preserved Roman Theater (2nd century) in Bulgaria, which is still used for live performances
- Admire the newly reopenedAncient Stadium(2nd century), that had accommodated 30 000 specators
- The Ethnographic Museum, also known as the Renaissance house with the 120 windows, has an interesting exhibitions of costumes, instruments ect
- Bachkovo Monastery, located in mythical Rhodopi Mountains, is established during the 11th century and is the second biggest in Bulgaria
- The frescoes in the Bachkovo Monastery dining room expressing neo-platonic theory and the Judgement Day Composition


Pickup: 8:30 from your accommodation in Sofia. Expected time of your return in Sofia - 17:30- 18:00;
Transfer time: 5 hrs total (2 hours to Plovdiv, 1/2 hour Plovdiv - Bachkovo, 2.5 hours Bachkovo - Sofia)
Walking time: 2-3 hrs


The cliché “you must see Plovdiv to see Bulgaria” is absolutely true and there is so much to explore in the country’s second biggest city. Plovdiv (160 m a.s.l.), a 2 hour drive from Sofia, is situated in the western part of the fertile Thracian Valley.  It is also one of the oldest European towns contemporary to Troya and Mycenae.  With about a 2-hour walking tour you will learn about its intriguing history while exploring the charming historic quarter of the city - a fabulous architectural ensemble of beautifully decorated 19th century houses, the ancient fortress-walls, magnificent churches and  Roman structures like a forum and stadium. In the afternoon a 30 minutes trip will take you to Bachkovo Monastery (est. the year 1083), a notable religious and tourist site. Enjoy the unique frescoes of the dining room and the facade of St. Nicholas Church, while your guide explains about the history, architecture and nowadays life in the monastery.


For further information you can contact office@ormatravel.com and +359 884 754 156  
Contact persons: Iva Gergova & Maria Ignatova






  • All transportation costs along the route;
  • English speaking guide;
  • Lunch;                          
  • VAT and parking fees;
  • Entrance fees to Plovdiv's Ethnographic museum and Roman Theater and Bachkovo Monastery's dining room.                                      


  • The tour exclude personal expenses;
  • The price is valid for minimum of 30 participants.

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